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Magnesium (mg) is highly soluble in water and is the third most abundant element present in sea water, at approx 1258ppm. When some organisms deposit their calciferous skeleton, magnesium often gets into the skeleton  in place of calcium . addition of magnesium helps the organisms to calcify rapidly .
Magplus helps in restoring the natural level of magnesium that is present in your aquarium.




P Growth II

P Growth II is an unique blend of nutrients , rich in potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen which are essential for plants growth. P Growth II is a complete fertilizer that helps in expanding plants .
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P Growth I

P Growth I is an comprehensive liquid fertilizer containing micro and macro elements which are essential for plants growth and suitable for all types of aquariums. The complex formula of P Growth i
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Stage 1

This is an optimum blend of trace elements which promotes the growth of the plants and production of new leaves at the initial stage of planted aquarium. In a planted aquarium plants need varie
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